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I'm a great believer that if you arm people with digital skills, it will help bring communities together, generate more income and amplify the voices of those who are at risk of being forgotten. This is as true of the charity sector as anywhere else. The need for these skills has increasingly come into sharp focus as the sector must, like everyone else, face political and economic uncertainty, as well as changes to fundraising regulation.

Digital skills are now mission critical for all charities if the sector is to achieve its goals. Our Doteveryone partners Lloyds Banking Group recently published the 2016 UK Business Digital Index, which unearthed some interesting insights into how charities are developing digital skills. Despite these developments, 49% of charities lack basic digital skills: such capabilities are not a mere nice to have. Charities who are more digitally mature are 28% more likely to report an increase in funding than those who are not. 87% say that being online saves them time, whilst 52% stated that it will help them save costs. The message is clear: if charities are to be a sustainable sector and help as many beneficiaries as they can, then digital skills are a big part of the answer.  

I’m delighted to have been invited to write the foreword to this Skills Platform Charity Digital Toolkit. It is a much needed, excellent resource to help charities grow their digital skills so that they can operate more effectively and help those most in need. It includes everything from how to create a digital strategy to fundraising online, making the most of channels and preparing for future digital trends. It features case studies from brilliant charities such as Diabetes UK and Marie Curie alongside insights from experts such as Zoe Amar and Beth Kanter. I know it will inspire you and many other charities to put digital at the heart of what you do. 

This is a great resource for the sector and I hope it shows how any charity, large or small, should be bold and ambitious about what digital can help them achieve. 

Martha Lane Fox CBE 

Skills Platform - Find training courses for your charity
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Zoe Amar

Even small charities might have multiple people involved in social media to certain degrees, making it important that you have your policies and tone of voice mapped out for consistency. 

In this section, we enjoy expert insights from Sarah Fitzgerald, Zoe Amar and Cheri Percy. You'll learn how to set your tone of voice, create a crisis plan and develop your charity's social skills.



Charity social media style and consistency
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